Will Juicing Help My Binge Eating?

July 1st

You may have heard that juicing is a good solution for binge eating, orthorexia, or another form of eating disorder. Juicing is a trend that has gained popularity in recent years, and most juice cleanses call for eliminating solid foods and only drinking fresh juice for 3-10 days.  Does this reset really support our bodies […]

How to Cook Tofu – You’re Doing It Wrong!

November 3rd

Have you ever eaten tofu with a mushy texture and watery flavor? Tofu one of those foods with a major reputation. I’ve been to one too many salad bars offering plain, cubed tofu as a topping. The horror! I pity those who will never try tofu again because of a poor experience with mistreated tofu. […]

Plant Based Protein – Veggie Pesto Pasta

August 2nd

Many plant based diet advocates proclaim that it is easy to get enough protein from plants.  And while it is completely possible – it is not always easy! Some days I struggle with getting enough protein.  Making sure you are eating all the necessary nutrients that your body needs while avoiding animal products takes more […]