Lindsay Dowty Schwartz, dietician nutritionist specializing in eating disorders and feeling great about food

I am no longer binging food to soothe my pain.

I am on a journey of finding ease in my body. Giving it the care and listening that it deserves.

M.S. – Des Moines, Iowa

Working with Lindsay has truly changed my life for the better.

Before I sought help, my eating disorder controlled my life. I would spend nearly all of my day thinking about how much I ate or how my body looked. I had no room in my mind for things like family, friendships, and hobbies.

Now, I rarely think about food and my body and am much more present with my family and friends. I have the energy to do things I love again. Lindsay’s guidance played a huge role in this transformation.

JB – Goodyear, Arizona

Before working with Feel Good Flavors I felt frustrated, defeated, ashamed and self conscious about my body.

After working with them, I felt inspired, hopeful, compassionate towards myself.

The experience of working with Lindsay was transformative for me. It’s the first time I’ve examined my relationship with food and saw it for what it is and decided that this wasn’t good enough for me. Lindsay is so supportive and encouraging and met my moment every time I needed her to. I’m so glad I got to start my intuitive eating journey with her.

Intuitive eating client – Phoenix, Arizona

Seeking out a Registered Dietitian was the best thing that I’ve ever done for my physical and mental health. I’m so thankful that I had Lindsay as a resource while trying to learn how to eat more intuitively.

After working with Lindsay, I’m able to give my body what it needs without overthinking.

D.P. – Phoenix, Arizona

Lindsay does an incredible job challenging my thinking while holding space for me with dignity and compassion. Through this approach, I have been able to shift my narratives about food, weight, and most importantly, myself. Working with her has made this journey so much more intentional, holistic, and achievable.

I feel like I am finally addressing the root of so many of my challenges and have a better grasp on how I can more successfully advance my ideal vision of health.

Working with Lindsay offers a unique client-centered experience. It is intimate and healing allowing for the opportunity to get closer to a sense of liberation around diet, food, weight, and health.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Lindsay! I have learned so much and am in the process of unlearning what is not serving me to that I can grow.

S.G. – Avondale, Arizona

Working with Lindsay has been incredibly fulfilling. Lindsay is kind, empathetic and most importantly non-judgmental. The resources she has provided me have truly improved not only my relationship with food but my relationship with myself. I am grateful to have met and worked with Lindsay!

T.W. – Des Moines, Iowa

I am immensely grateful for the countless times Lindsay has provided help and support. was my first supporter when it came to anything eating related, but expanded that into so much more – whether it was emotional support or just being a friend to chat with during meals.

M.L. – Lansing, Michigan

I did not expect to have this much fun learning to care for my body and what it needs, while eating foods that I enjoy and make me happy

E.M. – Phoenix, Arizona

After my session with Lindsay, I felt uplifted, ready to take on the day, and led on the right track.

S.H. – Los Angeles, California