How to Cook Tofu – You’re Doing It Wrong!

Have you ever eaten tofu with a mushy texture and watery flavor? Tofu one of those foods with a major reputation. I’ve been to one too many salad bars offering plain, cubed tofu as a topping. The horror! I pity those who will never try tofu again because of a poor experience with mistreated tofu. If you’re curious about an easy way to cook tofu to elevate your skills, you’re at the right place.

The truth is, tofu is a versatile food option that can add protein and satisfaction to your meals. Tofu is a staple for vegan meals, it’s cheap and filling, and can be very flavorful. Learn to master tofu and it will be the star of your meal!

There are many ways to cook tofu – but this particular method improves the texture (making it a bit “meatier” and chewier), and allows the flavors of your sauce or marinade to infiltrate more deeply. Use this method for tofu as a main entree – instead of in a smoothie or soup – and be sure to use firm or extra firm tofu. The real secret is to freeze the tofu.

It’s so simple! Pop the entire tofu container into the freezer and let it freeze overnight. Let it defrost in your fridge for a day, or you can defrost in the microwave before cooking. Once defrosted, it is easy to squeeze the water out with your hands. No tofu press or heavy books or cans needed!

Freezing the tofu will create little pockets that will soak up your marinade completely. Let it sit in a sauce of your choice (I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s Soyaki), and then sauté, bake, or air fry the now transformed tofu. Watch the above Youtube video to see how to sauté or air fry tofu.

One more note… While frozen, the tofu turns a somewhat off-putting yellow color. This goes away when it is defrosted!

I can’t wait to hear about your adventures with tofu! Let me know what you think about this trick.

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