3 Signs Your Healthy Eating is a Problem

It’s possible to care TOO much about health and nutrition (really!).

Healthy eating is celebrated by society, the media, our friends and family.  But is there a point where your healthy eating might actually become unhealthy? 

It’s not a question that is talked about often, considering how much everybody from your grandmother to your favorite influencer encourages healthy eating.  We are bombarded by messages of nutrition – what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, and to carefully maintain our body size and health. If even a small part of you feels like something is off about this, keep reading for signs to look out for.

1: Your thoughts and emotions during the day are mostly about food, health, and your body.

I ask clients: what percent of your daily thoughts are about food, nutrition, your body, and health? If these thoughts are taking up more than 25% of your thoughts and emotional space, it’s worth pausing for reflection.  

You can ask yourself: what do I want my mental energy to go towards? Does this support my overall life values? If my thoughts were less about food/body, what would I focus on instead?

Clients I’ve worked with have put more of their energy into their hobbies, relationships, and living a life they absolutely love. 

If your total thoughts during the day are mostly about food and body image, you could benefit from support.

2: It’s leading to restriction. 

There are sooo many messages about there telling us the less we eat, the better. The truth is, restriction can have consequences. The “fine print” on restriction is that it can lead to binging, emotional eating, dizziness, forgetfulness, difficulty making decisions, brain fog, loss of period, fatigue, constipation, bloating, other GI issues, and more. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, some may be due to not eating enough.

What started out with you making the best decision for your health ends up actually harming it!!

3: It’s getting in the way of your social life.

If you feel guilt, shame, and anxiety around the way that you eat, that’s a red flag. If these uncomfortable emotions make it hard for you to eat around friends, family, and coworkers – we need to talk. You deserve to live a life where you’re able to connect with people who are important to you.

You deserve to feel confident AF at a lunch meeting – not struggling because you aren’t sure what to order.

You deserve to enjoy eating ice cream with your friends – without comparing your cone to theirs. 

Of course, this is not the full list of signs. If you are experiencing any of these things – or if a part of you feels like your eating is not supporting your best life – you deserve to get some support. I’m here for you!!

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